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My name is Lisa Olivo. I have been living here in our beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains for over 40 years. Many of those years, I spent commuting to my job with AT&T. The company decided to eliminate my job title and to contract out the services that I provided. I was tired of the rat race and decided it was time for me to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.

Even after my worst commute day, I always felt it was worth it when I finally arrived home. Fortunately, I had thirty years under my belt and was able to retire, so it was goodbye to the commute wars, hello freedom to explore a career in a field that has always been nearest and dearest to my heart. Our business has grown and flourished over the last 20 years.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an avid animal lover, constantly filling my home with many different furry friends. I decided to attend A Pet’s World Academy, in Loomis, CA.

It was an action-packed learning experience designed to prepare its students to be a highly qualified and successful pet sitting business owners. It provided a complete course, including everything we needed to know about starting a Pet Sitting business. Most importantly, they provided excellent training in Pet First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross. There was also a seminar with hands-on training, conducted by Veterinarians from the Loomis Basin Veterinary Hospital.

We learned the proven methods of pet sitting, being professional, reliable, and trustworthy are the goals of an aspiring pet sitter. I was trained to pet sit many different types of animals, such as llamas, goats, horses, cows, iguanas, birds, bunnies, hamsters, snakes, turtles, tropical and pond fish, along with many different kinds of dogs and cats. It was a lot of fun and extremely informative. Our business has grown and flourished over the last 20 years. During this journey, I have found other avid pet lovers and assembled a wonderful group of caring individuals that can be trusted to care for your “Pet Family”.